Sunday, July 27, 2008


Surprise!!! I've had two visits from my very dearest friends in the past month. Abby and Leigh were able to come out for a week and we had a blast playing chill locals and cheesy tourists all in one swoop. On top of that greatness, Katie had a last minute business trip come up just 20 minutes south of me and we were able to catch up over the course of a few days. 

Both times, the girls surprised me with baby showers......although Katie's was technically a baby scavenger hunt, being the clever,crafty gal that she is. I was so overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness; it was just fabulous. I can hardly wait to drench baby Willow in all the pink and green goodness they gave us!

Generosity abounds

I'll confess that in the first few months of pregnancy I had inklings of melancholy and sadness. It wasn't due to the thought of being pregnant or having a baby, it was more associated with the fact that I'm doing this practically 3000 miles away from the people I know and love the most (except my dear Justin of course :-). It was strange to think that friends and family very likely wouldn't even see me pregnant, not to mention facing the strange uncertainties of pregnancy feeling somewhat isolated and alone. 
I've been so overwhelmed with God's generosity in providing means and ways for people to visit, paths to cross, planning to pan out and the provision of brief snatches of time with old friends and family. Along with that He's brought us into a new circle of friends here by way of a free bike rack... literally, and we're beginning to develop some really special, sweet friendships. Oh, what doubtful creatures we are at times, will I ever learn to believe and remember  His faithfulness and love!!


the world of Willow. She's not here yet, but things are in full swing for her debut in November. I want to share our life's transitions and discoveries as we approach becoming parents; then as we begin to see life through baby Willow... a wonderland with new experiences, challenges, visions and the hope that new life brings.