Monday, March 23, 2009

4 months

Willow had her four month check-up today AND her first shot. I decided to delay them and do an alternative schedule that spreads them out over time instead of giving several at once. She did really well.... a brief scream and then she was happy =) The Dr. took one look and said, "Wow, she's a big one!" Indeed she is..... weighing in at 18lbs and measuring 25 inches. To put that in perspective, cousin Maggie, who is 6 months older, weighs a few ounces over 18 lbs and is 28 inches. Here's to hoping that gaining mobility in a few months will slow Miss Willow down a bit.

She is so funny and really starting to show her little personality. Her new favorite activites are screaming (in a happy way), sticking her tongue out and spitting all over my arms, licking everything within reach, standing on laps, trying as hard as possible to see the TV, laying on the floor and chattering non-stop to anything that will listen. She's definitely improving in the sleep department and I'm starting to feel more rested (most days), but we still have our not so pretty moments. 
I still can't get over how fortunate I am to get to stay home and love on her all day. I wouldn't trade it for the big bucks any day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A little more cuteness =)

We had a week full of firsts and new experience. Willow wore her first tu-tu, Justin changed his first cloth diaper, Willow helped plant our first spring flowers, and she actually hung out in her crib for the first time (if only for a photo-op!). Oh, and she went to her first archery range as Mommy and Daddy shot bows and arrows together for the first time. By the way the folks there responded, I think it was their first baby patron!
Over all a very full, fun week and end.
Not to mention her first church experience that lasted about 30 seconds..... the time it took for me to walk through the front door, for her to immediately start screaming and me make it out the back. I walked to the nursery to see if that might be the way to go, but since there were ONLY screaming babies in there at the time and a few frazzled looking workers, I didn't really feel cool handing them MY screaming baby. So we danced in the parking lot to worship music coming through the door. Another great new experience.