Monday, September 15, 2008

It's time...

(31 wk preg. pic)

I just got home from my 32 week OB apt. Everything is fine, we are both healthy and right on track...YAY!
But, my Dr. said she'd like me to go off of work now, since I've had some intermittent episodes of high blood pressure, severe headaches, blurry vision and really intense lower pelvic pain. All of these symptoms are exacerbated during my 12 hour shift and honestly I dread going each time I have to work.... they are just really long, physical, anxiety filled days. I told her I'd like to finish out this work week and turn in my notice starting Sept 22nd and she was fine with that.
I'm relieved to have her "permission" and recommendation to stop working, but also know the next 8 weeks will be really long without work to break them up and mark them off! Also, I feel a bit anxious about having that much time alone and feeling a bit on the "blah" side, physically and emotionally. Please pray that this will be a really healthy time for me (and Willow!) and that it will be exactly what God intends and wants it to be for us. 
I still have a handful of projects to get done before she arrives and definitely want to accomplish them with frugality and timeliness. I have the ambition of "going more green", especially in our diet with a new little person to grow and nurture, so this will be a great gift of time to do some investigation and make changes..... if Justin can stomach them ;-) 
I'll keep you posted.... now I have no excuse not to keep this updated and fresh!