Monday, April 27, 2009

We started trying solids (or pureed, thin, nasty looking stuff) with Willow. She apparently really likes sweet potatoes! We're going to start slow, just eating a bit at dinner time most evenings. It's a whole lot messier, but it sure is cute.


USANDCO said...

Oh my, who ever thought dinner could be so funny! I love the startled look. She looks like she has been surprised every time she sees the spoon. I laughed till I cried.


Beck said...

That was hysterical, I especially love the cross-eyed look at the spoon! Babies are so good for a laugh.

Katie said...

Auuuwwwl...I want one :) The cross eyed baby look is so funny...also funny, when you guys laughed at the blurp noise +'s something only a loving parent would giggle at :) miss ya!

USANDCO said...

This had me giggling too! It's so funny how much she loves sweet potatoes... I could take'em or leave'em!