Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Months

5 MONTHS! How did that happen? That's tooooo close to half a year for my liking. I've definitely noticed some "maturity" changes in just the last 2 weeks.... how she interacts with people (read: doesn't scream her head off or cry when a stranger talks to her), her observation of her surroundings, turning and looking for where sounds are coming from, playing more independently (read: I can take a shower before Justin gets home now without her dissolving into a sobbing puddle), she likes to sit assisted and play with things rather than laying on the floor, she loves watching the dog, Zoey, move around the room and would rather give her full attention instead of us... just to name a few fun things.

She's just a bundle of joy and makes each day so fun and full, even if sometimes that means never getting out the front door, forgetting to wash our clothes because I'm washing 500 loads of baby clothes and cloth diapers, or not vacuuming the house for a embarrassingly long time.

When I'm really tired and finally get her to sleep for a nap and it seems like 10 minutes later she's awake again, I can't help but be delighted when I go in her room and am greeted with the biggest grin and little coo. Apparently she doesn't hold it against me that I'm the one who put her in the crib and turned off the lights. 

I can't wait for everyone on the East coast to see and enjoy her soon!


Beck said...

What a cutie! Her expressions are delightful. I'm looking forward to lots of play time!

USANDCO said...

I love the many looks of Willow. She is a sweetie. I'm getting my zerberts ready.


USANDCO said...

She is so beautiful!

Hurry up!


USANDCO said...

She looks so grown... how is this happening so quickly?!