Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Willow has recently discovered her toes, and better yet, that she can get them into her mouth. It's her new favorite diaper changing time activity. She's just a funny little girl all the way around, keeping us on our toes non-stop and full of laughs.


USANDCO said...

She's a vegan. She eats Toe-fu ;o)


Beck said...

Funny Dad :) She's so cute. Are her toes smelly? Maggie's are and I always ask her what she's been doing to have smelly feet!

USANDCO said...

Ouch! How can she bend so much?! Hurts just looking at it but it is pretty darn cute. Can't wait to get those piggys myself! Save some for me, Willow!


clare said...

soooo cute stephanie! she is such a butterbean! i can't tell who she looks more like...i think you only rounder! =) i just want to eat her up!!!